Using Telegram Channels for Free and Effective Business Promotion

Recently, Telegram has become one of the most popular free internet promotional tools. This is due to Telegram's emphasis on privacy, which allows users to contact and chat with others without disclosing their identity or phone number. As a result, many businesses use it as a free promotion strategy.

Telegram was established in 2013 by two brothers from Russia. It is a cross-platform instant messaging app with basic capabilities comparable to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. However, the aforementioned great privacy and lack of adverts are its selling advantages, which have attracted a large number of users. The official statement in March 2018 said that the monthly active users had surpassed 200 million. Telegram's popularity in Hong Kong is likewise growing, making it a communication medium worth monitoring.

Because Telegram lacks an advertising mechanism, the most typical promotional strategy is to send promotional messages in groups. There are two ways to promote yourself: join groups with different subjects (such as movie groups, hiking groups, etc.) and publish promotional messages in these groups, or create your group and add people to it.

Both of these ways are entirely free and can help your communications reach a wider audience. However, it is understandable that scattergun advertising has a low conversion rate. Joining multiple groups or inviting members to your group is a highly laborious and time-consuming procedure. Is there truly no other way?

Telegram users may now build channels in addition to groups. Channels vary from ordinary groups as they are used for message broadcasting rather than communication. Channels, unlike groups, do not have a maximum membership limit of 10,000 people. Businesses may thus use this technology to get customers to join their channels and receive messages. As a business owner/ operator, you may provide various incentives (such as unique discounts) on your Telegram channel to entice customers to enroll, making your campaigns more successful.

Even though there are various online promotional tools available today, such as Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat, the advantage of using Telegram channels is that basically, all your subscribers can see your messages as long as they open Telegram. However, building a subscriber list on Telegram takes time, but afterward, you will have a powerful weapon that can reach 100% of your loyal fans for free!

Apart from sending broadcast messages for free, as a channel manager, you can see the number of readers for each message. You can also view previously shared media, documents, and links in the management interface. It is very easy to manage!

You may also include discussion groups in your Telegram channel. By doing this, the group will get your broadcast messages automatically, and members may converse and ask questions in the group. It is quite easy to add a discussion group to a channel:
Step 1: Click on the channel name and then click "Info."
Step 2: After entering the channel settings, click "Edit" in the upper right corner.
Step 3: Click "Discussion Add" and then "Create New Group."

Following the completion of the setup, the term "Discuss" will appear at the bottom of the Telegram channel. Clicking "Discuss" will take you to the associated discussion group, where you may engage with subscribers rather than merely broadcasting one-way messages.