Unlocking Social Media Emerging Content Trends and Advertising Updates

Do you have a clear understanding of updates in various advertising platforms? In this article, we will integrate several key points for you to consider when choosing platforms, setting goals, following content trends, and executing advertisements for online promotion.

    I. Set clear goals for your promotion plan

    Before beginning any advertising, it is critical to explain your views and determine your plan's goals. Which section of the marketing funnel do you want to concentrate on? Is the bottom line awareness, conversion, or loyalty? The platform you pick, the direction of your content, the format of your adverts, and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will all be influenced by this question. It may also be necessary to check whether the necessary tracking tools have been correctly installed.

    II. Choose the advertising platforms

    Once you have set your promotion goals, you can select the advertising platforms that align with your objectives. Based on our past experience, here are some insights on different platforms and their suitable goals:

      Facebook: Comprehensive promotion

      As the leading social media platform, Facebook has been around for many years, allowing sufficient time for adjustments in various aspects. Therefore, it is considered more comprehensive in addressing different stages of the marketing funnel.

      Instagram: Exposure and on-platform transactions

      Compared to Facebook, Instagram also boasts a large user base. The platform is highly effective in increasing awareness due to its emphasis on photos and videos. If you intend to use Instagram for conversion-focused promotions, the overall effectiveness may be lower than that of Facebook. However, if your business operates through IG Shop and customers can complete the entire browsing, inquiry, and purchasing process within the Instagram platform, without the need to visit a website for further actions, then Instagram can be an effective platform for comprehensive promotion.

      Google Keyword Search Ads: Discovery and conversion

      Google, is suitable for discovery (consideration) and conversion. As most people are aware, when users search for your brand/company/product on Google, they usually have some level of familiarity with you. Similarly, if users have specific questions and seek answers or solutions through search, it is relatively easier to convert them into customers. Google Keyword Search Ads offer various ad extensions, such as sitelink extensions and call extensions, which provide additional information.

      Google Display Network (GDN) and YouTube Ads: Exposure

      Google's other commonly used ad formats, GDN and YouTube, are highly effective for exposure due to their focus on visuals. GDN displays banner ads on various websites and mobile apps, allowing users to become aware of your promotions while browsing other content. The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for GDN tends to be lower than other types of ads, but the conversion rate may not be high. Similarly, YouTube ads are effective for increasing exposure.

    III. Content Trends

    Here are some content trends on three social media platforms, based on articles from Social Media Today and Sprout Social.

      Using Videos in Stories

      The exit rate for photos in Stories is higher compared to videos. Therefore, it's recommended to publish videos in Stories whenever possible. Also, it's important to create a schedule for your Stories, ensuring a good balance of updates and content because we all know that Stories are more important than regular posts!

      Expressing Kindness and Care

      Due to COVID-19, people are more concerned about vulnerable populations in society. If businesses or companies can express their support for the community, the public will be more likely to appreciate their values and become loyal customers. For example, last year, the New World Group established factories to produce masks and distributed them for free to vulnerable communities.

      Voice and Image Search

      Voice search and image search have been discussed for several years now. In 2021, a survey conducted by ViSenze showed that over 60% of Generation Y and Z consumers desire the ability to use image search. This means:

      • Your website should use high-quality images.
      • Follow Google's guidelines for image optimization, including size, format, and descriptive titles, as they impact SEO.
      • Write alternative text (alt text) for your images to help search engines understand their content.

      These are some key points, including both updates and well-known practices. Hopefully, they can help you clarify your thoughts before planning a promotion campaign, allowing you to execute it effectively and evaluate its performance based on predetermined metrics.