Tips To Boost Your Instagram Search Ranking!

Instagram just published guidelines for ranking higher in search results on their platform. Instagram's search tool is frequently utilized, and it's essential to understand how to boost your business account's search ranking and exposure. Here are some details about Instagram's search algorithm.

    1. Keyword Search

    The most straightforward feature is keyword search. Based on your keywords, the algorithm will determines the most relevant accounts, hashtags, and places. Unless you indicate a different area, location ranking is prioritized depending on your current region. For example, in Hong Kong, searching for "101" will return Taiwanese eateries, but adding "Taiwan" will emphasize locating the 101 buildings over local results.

    2. Instagram Activity

    User activity on Instagram plays a role in search rankings. The algorithm takes into account the users you follow, the posts you've viewed, and your interactions with other users. The more interactions you have with specific users, the algorithm understands your preference for their content and increases the relevance between you.

    3. Popularity Indicators

    High engagement metrics like as clicks, likes, follows, and shares for certain accounts, hashtags, and places are popularity indicators. Increased involvement raises their rating. For example, a search for "khab" will bring up the account of rising worldwide KOL Khaby, who is known for his TikTok parody videos.

    Methods to Improve Search Ranking on Instagram:

      1. Use a straightforward and relevant username

      Because Instagram usernames in Hong Kong and Taiwan are restricted to English characters, using industry-related terms in your username improves search relevancy. This may entice potential consumers who are looking for items and services. Consider adding phrases like "furniture" or "home" in your username if your Instagram store is dedicated to furniture and home décor.

      2. Utilise relevant keywords in your bio and name

      This allows Instagram's algorithm to discover your account and helps potential users immediately comprehend its background. Include terms connected to your sector in your bio and name, such as furniture or home decor, to boost search relevancy and the algorithm's ability to recognize your brand account.

      3. Post Keywords and Hashtags

      Including keywords and hashtags in your content enhance the likelihood of getting discovered by the algorithm. It is sufficient to include 3-4 relevant hashtags in your postings. While hashtags used to play an important role in increasing reach, their influence has waned over time. It's worth mentioning, though, that Instagram has officially said that hashtags should be placed in the description, not the comments. Captions may have a higher priority in search ranks, or comments may be excluded from the search engine.

    Instagram's search engine is currently straightforward, focusing on keyword-based searches, unlike Google, which delves deeper into understanding user intent and utilises SEO techniques to enhance search visibility.