6 Tips for engaging your online advertising

Advertising impressions can really make a positive impact on your brand, but the question is… how do you increase the engagement with your ads. Well, look at the tips that given by Facebook.

1st tips: Use vertical videos.

While nowadays, people are not satisfied with word advertising. By the feature created by Facebook, they advice advertiser to use vertical or square aspect ratio because according to the research they done, most of the user will be holding their phone vertically.

2nd tips: Use less text on images

Research found that images with less than 20% text perform better engagement! So focusing on your selling point, create less text on the image!

3rd tips: Shorten text

We know people on Facebook often scan quickly. It probably took 2–3 seconds for scanning the ads! So keep your text short, clear and concise for your potential customer!

4th tips: Add multiple images using the carousel format.

Meta had launched Carousel in either Facebook or Instagram. It’s really becoming a trend for online business. Select several images for your customer to scroll through at the same cost, just like they are really shopping in a shop!

5th tips: Add movement.

What is the movement in social media? Yes, you are right, the Stories appears in Instagram or Facebook will be a great chance of ads movement! You can always having your latest product shows in the Stories by using all kind of tools for example: Hyperlapse, Boomerang, Photoshop, Spark etc.

6th tips: Use Call-To-Action buttons

You might need a CTA buttons for an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale. Yes, Facebook and Instagram now are having the CTA button to helps you draw the attention instantly and make a boost sales!