Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Live Streaming E-Commerce on Facebook

Live streaming e-commerce has been around for a long time, from the early days of TV shopping channels to now, where everyone holds a smartphone and browses social media platforms. Live streaming e-commerce has become popular and has lowered the threshold for live streaming e-commerce hosts. This new form of sales combines social media and e-commerce, allowing hosts to explain products and customers to place orders and complete the entire sales process in real time.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally conducted a live stream to announce that Facebook Shops would support merchants in uploading product catalogs and displaying product information boxes during live streams. It also supports online payments through Facebook or Instagram (Facebook Checkout). This shows that Facebook supports store owners in online promotion and has launched various supporting features.

    Ways to start live streaming e-commerce on Facebook:

    • Use the Facebook page that is linked to your business account to activate the live shopping
    • If you don't have a Facebook page, you can start a live broadcast directly from your personal account. You can also choose to display information about existing products, new products, and links.

    Essential things to start a live streaming e-commerce

      1. Filming equipment and a camera team for the live stream

      Simple live streams can be done using a mobile phone and a tripod. If you have a sufficient budget, you can hire a professional live streaming team to increase the depth and variation of content and camera work.

      2. Upload products to Facebook Shops

      You can upload product information and links to your Facebook business account in advance to create a product list. During the live stream, you can extract the product information that needs to be sold, such as links and product details, to reduce the customer's shopping steps and consideration time.

      3. Behind-the-scenes assistants for the live stream

      You need staff members to handle instant customer orders or inquiries. These assistants can provide immediate responses to customer inquiries and guide them on payment methods. Instant shopping services reduce consideration time, and increase sales figures, and conversion rates.
      Things to note when doing live streaming e-commerce:

        Familiarize yourself with product information

        The more familiar you are with your products, the better you can express them professionally and in depth. Record your own experiences with the products as well. Audiences will trust you more based on your familiarity with the products and the practical evaluations you provide.

        Provide strong “Call To Action”

        During the live stream, give clear instructions to viewers on when they can place orders, stimulating impulsive purchases. Calls to action can be confident slogans, such as the popular Chinese influencer Li Jiaqi saying "Oh My God, this looks great, buy it!" while promoting lipstick during a live stream. It can also include live stream promotions, such as free shipping for sharing the live stream or discounts for joining a membership.

        Ensure a stable internet connection during the live stream

        Real time communication with viewers and providing a smooth viewing experience are essential. Interruptions during the live stream are unacceptable, as viewers may leave as a result.

        Have the patience to gradually build a stable customer base

        You need to do live streaming on a consistent schedule, two to three times per week, even daily to ensure adequate engagement and to offer visitors interesting product material.

        Combine personal charisma, professionalism, and product relevance

        To gain viewer trust in your professional introduction, your personal charisma should complement the product features, making you a likeable host. The host of a live streaming e-commerce show should have a complementary effect with the products. For example, Li Jiaqi, a popular Chinese beauty influencer, insists on demonstrating lipstick by applying it to his lips during every live stream, not just on his arm. His image as a beauty expert contributes to his ranking as one of the top live stream hosts in China within five years.

        Engage in friendly interaction and remember viewers' names

        You can start building your audience by responding to live stream comments in real time. Viewers appreciate hosts engaging in conversation, which increases familiarity and gradually builds a loyal audience. With word of mouth, you can expand your viewer base.

        Establish a membership system to maintain a close relationship with viewers

        Initially, viewers may make impulsive purchases during live streaming e-commerce, but as a host, you need to collect customer data. This can be done by establishing a membership system, which allows you to attract repeat customers during each live stream. By turning first-time buyers or viewers into members, you can send them live stream notifications or push live stream notifications to them, enabling upselling to members.

      Live streaming e-commerce has changed the sales landscape, evolving from one-on-one sales to reaching millions or even billions of people, ushering in a new era in e-commerce. Additionally, live stream segments can remain on Facebook, allowing customers to rewatch and purchase products.