3 Reasons why your Facebook ads get rejected

Running an online business isn’t easy and advertising is always the vital part for online business. However, we all had been through getting rejected ads from Facebook right? Yes. I know it’s hard.
So let’s go through with the policies of Facebook, to avoid to get rejected!
According the Facebook’s advertising policies, it requires advertisers to follow the rules and regulations while running their ads. The policies are designed to optimising ad experiences for user, and support more meaningful connections.
So, in order to get a better experience, Facebook will reviews all the ads by using 2 ways: automated reviews and manually reviews.
Facebook also reveal the process while reviewing, which can be jotted down as a reminder for the online business user.

  • It could be done at random to help them ensure accuracy
  • If it receives unexpectedly high levels of engagement, especially when people block or hide ads.
  • Reports from people will help them to identify during the review process.

But no worries, you won’t be notified unless it’s found to violate. So noted down and create an useful and meaningful content for your customer right now !