Optimising Overseas Expansion: Harnessing the Power of Online Resources and EDM Marketing

Sales and business development must have sufficient resources for expanding overseas. The trade model has shifted from offline to online, accelerated by the pandemic, making it inevitable to utilise online resources for business development and marketing. Before venturing into international markets, a comprehensive operational strategy and thorough market analysis are essential. This includes evaluating if there are enough leads in the target market to plan for resource allocation in sales and marketing. Traditionally, lead generation methods were limited to attending expos, conducting online searches for corporate information, or purchasing lead lists. However, these approaches are costly, time-consuming, imprecise, and often yield ineffective results. Accurate lead generation is key to effectiveness. LinkedIn can be used to generate precise leads with better efficiency and at a lower cost. After obtaining a lead list, the next step is to make contact. Utilise eye-catching design and engaging content in your email marketing campaigns (EDMs) to make a lasting first impression on key decision-makers. Building corporate and client relationships takes time, and not all engagements result in immediate deals. Novices often make the mistake of ineffective communication, which can alienate clients. EDMs can help overcome common communication barriers. Unlike cold lead email marketing, EDMs are considered digital asset advertising aimed at increasing brand awareness and making an impression. To increase business development efficiency, it is essential to plan EDMs strategically. Understand the pain points of the target industries and focus your EDMs on promoting the benefits and features of your products and services. Track key performance metrics such as open rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate, and bounce rate to optimize subsequent EDMs. It takes time to see the effectiveness of EDM marketing results, and consistent distribution of EDMs is necessary.