Don’t forget of meta description in SEO! 4 ways to create awesome meta description

You are always working hard and mastering most of the element of effective SEO but you might find it the way you are working on the strategy of SEO is not raising the search engine’s ranking.

There is one aspect of SEO strategy you might missed: meta descriptions. So what is meta descriptions and how does it helps on your SEO. This guide covers all the meta description and tips to create awesome meta description.

What is meta description

Meta description is an HTML element that contains a short summary of your page, you can set for a post or page of your website. In it, you can describe what your page is about. If you’re lucky, Google will show it beneath your page’s title in the search results, which mean it will displayed in SERP.

This is where Google displayed the meta description


After all, a meta description may appear between SERP results, where users are searching for long-tail, highly specific keywords, usually combined with your brand.

If you have the keyword in your pages content, but not your meta description, then it is likely that Google is not going to use the description from your meta tags. Sometimes, it does, too, even when your meta keywords are in your titles and descriptions.

Why is meta description important in SEO?

Some low-leverage or value product pages probaby have no meta tag description set. Google may select an excerpt of a page if they feel that the meta description, which is detailed within an HTML tag, is not a good evaluation of the content.

In other words, a meta description is a large part of the reason a user may choose to click -- or not -- your page in a search, as well as the first contact point they will have with your brand. If the page is targeting one or three highly searched terms or phrases, then write a custom meta description targeting those potential users that can really interested in the product they need.

How to create awesome meta description?

Okay, now we have an understanding of meta descriptions, the next step would USE IT! But how to create awesome meta description that can catch the eyeballs?

There 4 ways to create awesome meta description

  • Keep description to optimal length
  • You might think that how long should it be for the first! Stay between 150 characters for your description, because Google will cut it off any text after tat, so utilise your 150 characters and shine your product with those compelling words!

  • Make it sounds actionable
  • Use active voice to sounds actionable! You have to think about your user and their motivation while visiting your page. Make it sounds actionable will helps your description isn’t dull and too cryptic. Make it feel like they are someone that you will meet in real life while shopping.

  • Add a call to action
  • Call to action can be added to your meta description which compel users to click through your page.

    Some call to action examples for ecommerce are:

    • Shop now
    • Explore the collection
    • Discover new trends
    • Browse the collection
  • Use your target keyword
  • Target with your keyword! If you are familiar with SEO keyword, you should know the importance of keyword in SEO strategy. Therefore, try to put in the keyword you are targeted.

    If the keyword matches a part of the text in the meta description, Google will be more inclined to use it and highlight it in the search results. This will make the link to your site even more inviting.

Whether you are startup or ecommerce marketer, you could have to pay more attention in design a good meta description, it will definitely increase your website traffic to help user provide a good user experience.