5 tips to help you boost user engagement

Today, we've got 5 tips for you to help you create creative Reels that reach more potential customers, attract viewers, and increase sales!

1. Keep up with the latest trends in Reels

The latest trends on Instagram reveal the latest trends among young people. You may hear the same audio over and over again on IG, or the same theme, which means it's the trend of the moment! Don't be tempted to go the other way and incorporate your work into existing trends, because often these trends will instead drive traffic to your work and provide an opportunity for you to promote your product, so take advantage of these trends and increase your product's exposure!

2. Share Tutorials

This type of video is best suited for Reels, which are short videos of less than 15 seconds and reduce the time for people to "talk nonsense". People will pick out the key points to explain the product and share the tutorial. And since viewers find tutorials in 15 seconds or less interesting and rewarding, if your product can be explained in a tutorial format, it can help your customers understand it quickly

3. People love "behind the scenes"

Everyone is curious, so everyone is more inquisitive about the word "behind the scene"! Users are not only curious about the products they use; they are also curious about how they came to be. For example, when a song becomes a hit, people always want to find out how the hit song was created. Along these lines, if merchants can offer "tips" on their products to increase user discovery, it will also have a great impact on the traffic to your Reels.

4. Provide information.

You may feel that the above methods are too much of a crowd pleaser, so you can choose some "down-to-earth methods" to provide useful information to your audience.

5. Learn to tell a story

Marketers are good storytellers because it's all about what people think of you, and Reels can help you tell your story well by telling stories about your brand, your people, your customers, and even your employees to build trust with your audience and make your brand more relatable.

In fact, there are no limits to how you can play with Reels, so if you put your heart and soul into it, your content will be seen!